Still Alive played Backwards!

fear linux,
yah yah likes, yah yah likes secret granade dynamic , Yah yah likes seaside Mia, do ya?
Yah Yah likes midnight beef sadness with ya. Yah Yah likes your next New York “Snu” with me.
Yah Yah likes my I.E.V E-Net.

Yah Yah likes slow walkies when your love needn’t choose, you sit and love most the night,
sleep your retard nut and keeps you here at night; close down that Voodoo. See ya soon and we can play. See to that!

Your new message in the door sings “Here too give save’near we met. Snatch that.” ha ha! Oh sh**s ok. God’s seen campy bean.

But whos saying I’m not Snaffle J Bean? I’ll snip exit, perfume Mag with ya.

Feeling the hook.

Yah Yah likes slow walkies whether “Sna” leaves me good or I make love again, I’m not slut not easy never what you thought
Sorry Ray Romano, put it back in matching socks, no tea go.

Would you leave the house of us, talk me through to not be sad. Now pop hugley, see by ye movement.Says he could be loved now.
He licked me all down core to all of me, my Dad release the slowst enemia, heal me and be done now.

Yah Yah likes slow walkies with the nutty nut when my nut-nut snakes up, sin a … jack falls onto me at night, please say me
cake’s so near better, hold me up, plus I sit up. Pleasure was the one best gift, Stuff a lover down…


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